Wael Aboulsaadat

Demos of Students Thesis Projects

Tangible layers for 3D navigation
Learning squash using kinect
Mid-air scrolling on large screens
QS ethical-performance tracking
EgyptianAgri for farmers
ADHD coach

Demos of Students Work in HCI Course

Flying robot wizard-of-oz
Controlling TV using gestures
Appointment using door RFID
Controlling car radio using finger
Enhanced bubble cursor
Cross-based directory navigation
Login using pictures
Scrolling using oval gesture
Scrolling using L gesture

Projects for Undergraduate Education


EduMsg is an open source microblogging platform targeted to teaching undergraduate computer science students the internals of a typical highly scalable application such as facebook, twitter, etc...


The goal of EduDB is to provide an educational tool which students can use to learn how a sophisticated database engine is built and how it works. EduDB is designed from the ground up to enable learning, experimentation and exploration of database engines.

Augumented Labs

Augumened labs is an ongoing project to design and develop mobile apps utilizing augumented interaction to enrich the undergraduate's lab exprience. Two applications have been developed up till now; Virtual lens and Chemisty Lab Enhancement.
Virtual Lenses is an augmented reality android application aiming to enhance the understanding of how different types of lens work. The app was developed as a thesis project in the GUC, Egypt.

Chemistry Lab Enhancement is an augmented reality android app which aids in titration expriments in an undergrad chemisty labs. This was also developed as a thesis project in the GUC, Egypt.

Older Projects

JoyStick Keyboard: Physically Integrated Typing and Pointing

In this project, I have constructed a keyboard where each key is a mini-joystick that can be pressed, just like a regular keyboard key, and it can also be tilted in any direction.

Slider Pie Menu [Run the demo]

A pie menu is a special kind of menu where the items are arranged in a circular fashion (rationale is it takes the same time to reach to any item in the menu). In this project, I was integrating user interface widgets directly into a pie menu.